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At SRF we understand that continuing developments in the securities markets and legal landscape require the attention of attorneys with the skill and experience to be proactive rather than reactive. We stay informed of these developments and the effect that these changes have on our clients’ businesses. Our approach to dealing with this myriad of considerations is to work directly with regulatory authorities and industry experts to structure practical solutions to these new developments and emerging issues.

SRF is pleased to deliver top-tier law firm quality services at hourly billing rates that are significantly lower than “big firm” billing rates. We have also distinguished ourselves as an industry leader with regard to alternative fee arrangements, including fixed-fee retainers for certain corporate and securities matters. Combined with internal teamwork, the alternative arrangement assures that SRF’s wide-ranging resources are cost-effective to the full advantage of its clients.
Credibility and visibility are two important qualities we bring to our clients. We have an extensive network of strategic relationships across a multitude of industries that we make available to all our clients. For example, as one of the pre-eminent firms in the country in corporate financing transactions, our credibility in the industry opens doors and creates more visibility for our clients in the eyes of the financial community. SRF’s ability to create these opportunities provides its clients with the capability to achieve the growth and success they envision.