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Marc J. Ross, Esq. Presents a Legal Webinar Explaining the Confusion Surrounding Marijuana Law

Having just finished teaching his fifth successful year of “The Business and Law of Marijuana” at Hofstra University School of Law, SRF founding partner Marc J. Ross, Esq. recently presented a webinar course for the Clear Law Institute, titled “Weeding Out the Confusion in Marijuana Law.”

This webinar, which is Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) accredited, took place on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 3:00 pm. During the presentation, Marc discussed the confusing and often contradictory laws concerning marijuana for marijuana-related businesses and, amongst other things, address how current federal law remains in stark contrast to the majority of state laws; explain the origins and development of the differing current laws; identify certain areas of the law that should be particularly concerning; and finally, delineate how and why CBD is different, both on the federal and state level.

To access this webinar, please visit the website and include speaker code MRoss289594 for a 35% discount.