Marc J. Ross Participates in Marijuana Business Webinar – Discussing the Financial Implications to Marijuana Related Businesses

New York, NY – January 9, 2015 – Press Release – Marc J. Ross is a leading authority involving the issues surrounding the marijuana legalization debate and the developing, yet still conflicting, laws across the U.S. concerning marijuana and marijuana-related businesses. Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP is pleased to announce that Mr. Ross participated in a webinar sponsored by Hofstra University School of Law (where he is an Adjunct Professor teaching a course on Marijuana) and the New York Law Journal, entitled Grappling with Increasingly Diverse Marijuana Law and Policy – What Inside and Outside Counsel Need to Know. This webinar was CLE-accredited, and available to watch on our website at the link below.

For businesses and attorneys advising businesses, legalized marijuana, whether partially or fully legalized, presents a myriad of conflicting issues and policy dilemmas.  There are issues of federalism, banking, public health, drug policy, and employment law. In this CLE-accredited webinar, Mr. Ross discussed the financial implications to marijuana-related businesses (Click here to view that presentation).

As a question of federalism, how do we grapple with the growing disparity between state and federal law regarding marijuana use? What should attorneys make of the Department of Justice’s wavering policy pronouncements, where the federal government first refused to sanction any state law deviation, but later indicated it is open to allowing a measure of freedom from prosecution for certain state programs. And, how do businesses deal with the severe banking limitations that the federal prohibition places upon marijuana-related businesses?

Mr. Ross discussed key regulatory issues applicable to marijuana and marijuana-related businesses, including the present and evolving roles of the Treasury Department (banking laws), Securities and Exchange Commission (securities laws), Bankruptcy Courts, and Internal Revenue Service (tax code).

For additional information, please contact Marc J. Ross directly.

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