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Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP Secures Deferred Prosecution Agreement for Client Under Federal Indictment in the Southern District of New York

Press Release – New York, New York – September 13, 2021 – Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP (“SRF”) announced today that last month its client, a member of the health care sector, entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“DPA”) with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which should result in a full dismissal of all currently pending criminal charges.

The client was charged in a sweeping multi-defendant, multi-count indictment which included allegations of soliciting bribes by an agent of a federally funded organization and conspiracy to commit bribery. SRF Partner and leader of its White-Collar Criminal Defense and Investigations Practice, Andrew M. J. Bernstein successfully persuaded federal prosecutors to allow the client to enter into a DPA that is expected to result in a full dismissal of all charges sometime in quarter one of 2022. 

While SRF’s efforts to secure the DPA required a creative strategy and compelling written advocacy, Mr. Bernstein credits federal prosecutors for their careful review of all information he put forth and conducting a “thorough investigation” that “determined that the interests of the United States and [the client would] best be served” by entering into a DPA.

A DPA is an agreement between the Department of Justice and a company or an individual who have been charged with a federal crime. Such agreements allow for companies or individuals who have been charged with a federal crime or crimes to have those charges dismissed in exchange for following the conditions of the agreement. Given the immense benefit to a company or an individual, the government does not often, nor lightly, enter into DPAs.

This resolution continues SRF’s pattern of successful outcomes in white-collar criminal defense matters since its expansion into the practice area with the addition of Mr. Bernstein as a Partner back in May of 2020.